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todays workout

ok so today i did “hot body on me” workout from bodyrock.tv,I did this as a warmup and my set was 50/10 for 12 rnds

Next i went on to do my own burpee challenge; it went like this

every 3 min (i had my gym boss timer set to go off every 3 minutes) and no matter where i was in the following workout, i would perform 15 burpees with tricep pushups. for ex. if i was at 33 out of the 50 pushups i was doing, i would stop at 33 when the beeper buzzed and then do 15 burpee/tricep pushups, then when completed, i would hit “start” on timer again for another 3min and continue on with my pushups and go down my list. so the list is…

1. 50 squats with sumo leg lifts (sandbag)

2. 50 standard pushups

3.50 switch lunges (25 each side)

4.100 crab dance

5.150 mountain climbers

6.50 side to side bicycle abs with the Ugi ball

7.25 Dive Bombers (hard as hell)

8. 100 squats with leg lift on chair (50 each leg)

that brought me to 32.23 min. i ended up completing 6 rnds of the burpees and was dripping sweat like you wouldn’t believe. and just because I LOVE to torture myself; I had myself skip to the nearest 10min. so I finished at 32 min so i had to skip for 8min (i did interval skipping, 55 sec on, 5 sec rest). this workout was fantastic, I was certainly DONE when I heard the final beep. LOVE/HATE this workout but it was great, so if you want a challenge, try it out and post your times; I LOVE to see how others to compare and beat see how I can better my times 🙂

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