well let’s see…I’m in my early thirties (ugh) mother to 3 beautiful daughters, a wife to 1 lucky guy and a pet owner to the handsomest handsome dog Woody and my lovely kitten Lily.  After my 3rd child was born I slowly, no…s-l-o-w-l-y got back into the swing of working out and clean eating.  It has only been since June that I have become full-blown addicted again to the working out bug and I have had major success with it, I can only thank bodyrock.tv for this, what an amazing website and community! Recently i ventured into the Paleolithic diet, I can not even explain how just now, suddenly now; everything fits together for me.  While Clean Eating (whatever that might mean to you) is ..well clean it says it is clean in the title, i would always have to explain my version of clean eating and what that means to me.  Even after following what I considered a relatively clean diet of oats, yogurt and no pasta; i still had digestive issues that just would not cease…I was eating perfectly wasn’t I? It was not until i discovered Fructose Malabsorption and after a couple of months of following the FODMAP diet; i can finally say I have discovered the causes of all my upsets! I have more energy, I feel fantastic, I am never bloated, I am satisfied with my meals and not ravenous after only a couple of hours, I am just better!I feel in tune with my body and how it is handling various things, I am extremely conscious of the crap that we eat and the process of making these foods…the diet garbage which we all know are not that great but really they are absolute poison. I could go on and on all day long about diet related things, but I won’t. You want to know about it then look it up, ask questions, get to know it, it’s a healthier way of eating!


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